Friday, December 11, 2009

Casio Western Bar Game

Western Bar
Manufacture: Casio Japan co.
Price: Rm 35.00 including postage

Casio Vintage Submarine Battle SOLD

Submarine Battle
Manufatured: Casio Japan co.
Description: this is early 90` popular battle game
Price : rm 35.00 including postage

Game Boy

Game Boy (Early Model)
Manufature: Nintendo Japan Co
Status: Good Working Condition
Price: Rm 60.00 including postage

Sega Game Gear


Sega Game Gear one of the most popular handheld game in early 90`s offering good quality of stereo sound and graphic (at the time been) use 6 AA battery, and 9v adptr, this is for collector who really into it!!

Rm. 80.00 including postage