Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Polaroid One step


Spec: What else can i say!! is Polaroid
Price: rm80
Postage: free within semenanjung

Wotan Disc Camera

Spec: wotan disc Camera

Price: rm50

Postage: free within semenajung!!

Nikon EM


Spec: Nikon EM SLR

Price: rm 150.00

Postage: free within semenanjung

Olympus XA1


The XA1 body is a 4inches wide by 2.54 tall and 1.6 deep. it weigh 6.7 oz. This camera is fixed focus 35mm lens with aperture of f/4 and a focusing range of 5 feet to infinity. the shutter ranging from 1/250 to 1/30 of a second. A built in selenium meter, similiar to old hand held light meter, determine the shtutter speed. The XA1 does not require battery..the camera will pair with A9m Flash

Price: rm 130.00
postage: free (within semenanjung Malaysia)


Greeting!! to all friends out there!! well' is about a few month i didnt update my online shop!!! in this period of time i got lots of thing going on lately..working on my studio,and other stuff!! but in mean time i got something, and manage to find a great rare stuff to let it go !! do check it out!! plus im now working to open garageberkarat boutique shop in ipoh... do visit my store when u in ipoh!! just keep in touch for more update!!! thankss