Tuesday, May 4, 2010

olympus pen ee2

(1961-1966) The EE is one of the most confusing models. Not only because there was also an EE-2 and an EE-3 but because there were different models of the original EE. The basic idea for this camera was to take the Pen and make a more automatic camera. There were two approaches to this. First, a meter was added to allow for automatic exposure. Just dial in the film speed and the selenium meter (surrounding the lens) set the correct aperture. The shutter speed was fixed at 1/60. For flash use, the opposite side of the film speed dial allowed you to over-ride the meter and manually select the f-stop -- still at 1/60. The other "auto" feature was "automatic" focusing. This was achieved with a fixed-focus -- 28mm -- lens. Film speeds could be set from 10 - 200. Apertures from f3.5 - 22. It came with a PC socket, but the flash shoe was not built-in. Later, a second model came out with two shutter speeds -- 1/30 and 1/250. All other features were the same. The big difference was that selecting a film speed sets the shutter speed at 1/250, while selected an f-stop (for flash) sets the shutter speed at 1/30. This is a configuration that was used in several other Pens. Cosmetically it is difficult to tell the two models apart. The model I has a standard "leather-looking" leatherette on the body. The model II covering is a "basket-weave"-type, used on many other Pen cameras. Since the new meter surrounded the lens, a new dual-filter approach was used. The camera could use 22.5 filters over the lens or 43.5mm filters over the lens and meter -- nice touch.
Price : rm 80.00+ free postage

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