Sunday, May 16, 2010

Yashica m2

The year 1960 saw the extention of this design in the model M a.k.a Minister I. This is the signal move to an on-board exposure meter. The images were kindly made available by LKantiques. The camera as shown has a Yashinon 45mm lens with a maximum aperture of ƒ1.9 and stops down to ƒ16. Flash synchronization is available for flash bulbs at 'M' or Strobe at 'X' setting. The Copal shutter has 10 speed settings ranging from 1 second to 1/500th plus 'Bulb'. A version with a 45mm ƒ2.8 lens was also produced. These two lens / shutter combinations are the same as those used with the YL described above.
At first glance this camera appears to be missing it's rewind knob, but the M features the same recessed bottom plate, pop-out rewinder and sprocket release as the YL. What was different, is the inclusion of a self energised Selenium photo-electric cell powered exposure meter, which levelled out the top plate. Note the round indicator to the left on the top view, which confirms that the film is moving when the advance lever is activated. This indicator is required so that one can tell if the film is taking up, since the tell tale turn of a wind lever is absent. The meter does not control the shutter or camera in any way.
Price: Rm 150.00+postage


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  2. Hello

    Very interesting since this is the only article I can find on this camera.

    I have just recently bought one, the one I have has the F2.8 45mm lens- oddly for a copal shutter it has a 1000/s top speed.

    I usually avoid Yashica's apart from the TLR's, but when I found an M2 on a stall, what caught my attention was the build quality, and that its a serious camera. I'm surprised how little info seems to be available on all knowing Google.