Tuesday, November 16, 2010

Zenit 122


Film type:

Image size:24x36 mm
Lenses:MC Zenitar 50mm f/2.0 / Helios 44M-2 2/58
Type of Lens Mount:M42 screw mount
Filter size:52mm
Focusing:manual with matt field split-image type focusing screen, the microprism and the ground glass rings
Exposure Metering:with a TTL system, integral with a viewfinder`s LED display
Exposure Control:- the manual mode
- the shutter speed range of a focal plane mechanical shutter from 1/500sec up to 1/30sec +B
- minimal flash syncronization 1/30sec
- the built-in self-timer with 7-15sec delay
Other Features:- manual film feeding and rewinding
- the film speed range ISO 16-500 set manually
- the flange base 45.5mm
- the PC socket
Power Supply:the electrical schemes from 2x1.5V cells of the STs-32, MTs 0.105, Mallory D386, Seiko SB-B8 types

PRICE: RM 170+ 10 postage

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